Inflation and late-time accelerated expansion driven by k -essence degenerate dynamics

Alexsandre L. Ferreira, Nelson Pinto-Neto, Jorge Zanelli

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We consider a k-essence model in which a single scalar field can be responsible for both primordial inflation and the present observed acceleration of the cosmological background geometry, while also admitting a nonsingular de Sitter beginning of the Universe (it arises from de Sitter and ends in de Sitter). The early one is driven by a slow-roll potential, and the late one is driven by a dynamical dimensional reduction process which freezes the scalar field in a degenerate surface, turning it into a cosmological constant. This is done by proposing a realizable stable cosmic time crystal, although giving a different interpretation to the "moving ground state", in which there is no motion because the system loses degrees of freedom. Furthermore, the model is free of pathologies such as propagating superluminal perturbations, negative energies, and perturbation instabilities.

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PublicaciónPhysical Review D
EstadoPublicada - 2024

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