Enlightening brain energy metabolism

L. F. Barros*, I. Ruminot, P. Y. Sandoval, A. San Martín

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Brain tissue metabolism is distributed across several cell types and subcellular compartments, which activate at different times and with different temporal patterns. The introduction of genetically-encoded fluorescent indicators that are imaged using time-lapse microscopy has opened the possibility of studying brain metabolism at cellular and sub-cellular levels. There are indicators for sugars, monocarboxylates, Krebs cycle intermediates, amino acids, cofactors, and energy nucleotides, which inform about relative levels, concentrations and fluxes. This review offers a brief survey of the metabolic indicators that have been validated in brain cells, with some illustrative examples from the literature. Whereas only a small fraction of the metabolome is currently accessible to fluorescent probes, there are grounds to be optimistic about coming developments and the application of these tools to the study of brain disease.

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PublicaciónNeurobiology of Disease
EstadoPublicada - 2023

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