Analyses and Insights into Genetic Reassortment and Natural Selection as Key Drivers of Piscine orthoreovirus Evolution

Laura Solarte-Murillo, Humberto Reyes, Loreto Ojeda, Juan G. Cárcamo, Juan Pablo Pontigo, Carlos A. Loncoman*

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Piscine orthoreovirus (PRV) is a pathogen that causes heart and skeletal muscle inflammation in Salmo salar and has also been linked to circulatory disorders in other farmed salmonids, such as Oncorhynchus kisutch and Oncorhynchus mykiss. The virus has a segmented, double-stranded RNA genome, which makes it possible to undergo genetic reassortment and increase its genomic diversity through point mutations. In this study, genetic reassortment in PRV was assessed using the full genome sequences available in public databases. This study used full genome sequences that were concatenated and genome-wide reassortment events, and phylogenetic analyses were performed using the recombination/reassortment detection program version 5 (RDP5 V 5.5) software. Additionally, each segment was aligned codon by codon, and overall mean distance and selection was tested using the Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis X software, version 10.2 (MEGA X version 10.2). The results showed that there were 17 significant reassortment events in 12 reassortant sequences, involving genome exchange between low and highly virulent genotypes. PRV sequences from different salmonid host species did not appear to limit the reassortment. This study found that PRV frequently undergoes reassortment events to increase the diversity of its segmented genome, leading to antigenic variation and increased virulence. This study also noted that to date, no reassortment events have been described between PRV-1 and PRV-3 genotypes. However, the number of complete genomic sequences within each genotype is uneven. This is important because PRV-3 induces cross-protection against PRV-1, making it a potential vaccine candidate.

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